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blog_01_emperorI started working with a coach last Friday. I have been running for so long that my time schedule has become so unmanageable. I couldn’t seem to get to the littlest tasks like clean up my books, clean my office, finish a piece of artwork that has been sitting on the floor for months (and it was actually a piece I started years ago).

It is refreshing to know that there are only 168 hours to work with in a week. That seems very little to me. No wonder I have been running behind in almost every aspect of my life. My head tells me there are 500 plus hours in a week to work within. Little did I know that there are actually a lot of hours in the week if I manage them. So I set down on paper what my week looked like. Added sleep, eating, 1 hour of entertainment per day (yes, less Facebook, I know), meditation. I was told there are about 5 hours of productive time per day. Little did I know that I was giving all of that time to a host of other things in my life that were not serving me. So I sat for hours thinking about my days and how they function. I seemed to have things backwards from the way society is laid out. I love doing client work at night which is numbers and structure and by the book. My brain loves working at night! As I began to plan my days I could see that my creative time is in the morning, after meditation and breakfast where things are flowing, soft, contemplative, daydreaming. My heart loves the mornings and early afternoons! So, bam, I switched those two aspects around. It will be interesting to see how life plays out with this new structure. So far, I love it!


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