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tumblr_nc5oj3c8qz1ts9bb6o1_400So it is goodbye for 2016. What a rough and tumble year it was for me. I had so many towers falling and crumbling this year that I still haven’t seen a clearing. In February I was in the midst of my Saturn’s return. Not as heavy as my first one but just as maddening. The older I get the more experience I acquire for letting go of the mask completely. I can’t say I know myself more from this year’s unfolding but I can say I can see better what is behind the veil.

I write this as I watch my cat sit and stare into the electric space heater on the floor. She does not live in the past nor does she live in the future. She teaches me to be still while the towers around me fall. She teaches me to be content with what is right in front of me. Some may call her the devil cat, but to me she is Queen. She never lies and she never tries to hide who she is. I learn a lot from her.

The madness of celebration will start soon. I can feel the noise in my body. 

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